Work contract for TAG! (Tiger Actors Guild)

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What I expect of you:

  • You will show up on time.

  • You will not complain!

  • You will refrain from using profanity. The words "I can't" are considered profanity.

  • You will maintain your grades just as you would with any school activity.

  • Drugs are a no no. If I find out you do 'em, you will be dismissed from the team, and I will likely refer you to counseling. After all, I *am* the school nurse.

  • If you cannot make a meeting, you will let me know prior to the event. Please note, you can reach me by phone (717) 463-3913 or email: Better yet, come on down to my office and let me know.

  • You will be supportive of each other and demonstrate respect to your fellow cast members as well as your director.

    What you can expect of ME: (after all, it is only fair)

  • I will show up on time for practices and events.

  • In cases of emergency in which I cannot attend, I will notify the student director or arrange to have another adult take my place for that session.

  • I will NOT leave the school until all cast members are safely on their way home.

  • I will treat each and every one of you with respect, and will support your endeavors to the best of my ability.

  • I will do my best to provide a learning environment for YOU that is both fun and rewarding.

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