It is always with great difficulty that I do cast assignments. Every time I am aware of those whose feelings may be hurt. Please please PLEASE understand that getting a small part doesn't mean you won't have fun, nor does it mean I don't like you! It simply means that someone else showed potential, fit the role and had the time to dedicate to a larger part. I don't play favorites I assign whom I think will be best for the role.

Being a part of something like a musical is such a feeling of accomplishment! When hard work pays off during the production you will feel on top of the world, whether you have 100 lines or none. I am proud of all of you that auditioned and look forward to working with each and every one of you.

There are a few small speaking parts that are not yet assigned we will hand out those parts during the read-through. Most of these parts occur in only one scene. Such parts are Mac, the prop man (or girl), a messenger(has to be a guy), two Indians should be male, socialites you will see. As you can tell, we are in need of a few more boys. If you know of anyone who is interested, please let me know!

REMEMBER!! Read-Through is Monday starting at 6 PM! Scripts will also be handed out at that time!

Without further ado, here are the cast assignments:

    Frank -- Jarrod Goss
    Buffalo Bill Brandon Benner
    Dolly Daris Shelley
    Tommy Jayme Martin
    Winnie Andrea Jones
    Charlie Jeff Germak
    Wilson Kyle Goss
    Sitting Bull Dexter Ehrenzeller
    Annie Kelsey Martin
    Jessie Callie Shambaugh
    Nellie Brynne Guyer
    Lil Jane Anna Seaman
    Pawnee Bill Kyle Goss (yes, you have two parts the first one is in only scene 1)
    Cowgirl Trio: Andrea Jones, Karis Ritzman, Ashley Hassinger
    Cowboys, Indians and Ensemble: Erin Kerstetter, Sierra Hosler, Harley Straub, Bri Domanski, Meghan Carlino, Maria Maneval, Megan Heintzelman, Ashley Hassinger, Ashley Kelley, Karis Ritzman, Courtney Yeater, Michaela Feltman, Caitlin Hall, Kellsey Hartmann, Shelby Hollobaugh, Kelsey Maneval, Mackenzie Geedey, Katrina Gelnett, Rebecca Ferry, Lydia Strawser, Sarah Ernest, Courtney Keatts
    Student Director: Harley Straub, Jeff Germak