Cast of
"Touched By An Angle" in order of appearance

It is always our desire to give everyone a chance to do their best on stage. There are never enough parts for everyone and it is part of our job to accept the responsibility of hurting some of our actors' feelings. You are all appreciated irregardless of cast assignments.

When casting a large group, there are times we may inadvertantly overlook someone. If your name does not appear on the cast roster, please see us immediately so that you are assigned. Please understand such omissions are never intentional.

--Mr. and Mrs. Ritzman

Serenity Michaela Feltman
Maple Karis Ritzman
Pepper Kelsey Maneval
Sloppy Joe Jarrod Goss
Sergeant Primp Whitney Graybill
Officer Bolgur Brynne Guyer
Edward Jayme Martin
Mrs. Ruler Caitlin Hall
Gina Kellsey Hartman
Maris Bethany Fortenbaugh
Pokey Andrea Jones
Phymm Lydia Strawser
Scraps (Ducky) Shelby Hollobaugh
Lynette Carly Ehrisman
Adina Brittany Fortenbaugh
Jamie Megan Heintzelman
Laura Brooke Maneval
Kaycee Fantasia Eichelberger
Bert Nick Heister
Buzzy Brandon Benner
Amos Kyle Goss
Hart Mitchell Yousey