Cast of
"Seven Brides for Seven Brothers"
To be performed on April 13th and 14th, 2012

It is always our desire to give everyone a chance to do their best on stage. There are never enough parts for everyone and it is part of my job to accept the responsibility of hurting some of our actors' feelings. I am so sorry that I cannot give everyone the parts they may want. You are all appreciated irregardless of cast assignments.

When casting such a large group, there are times I may inadvertantly overlook someone. If your name does not appear on the cast roster, please see me immediately so that you are assigned. Please understand such omissions are never intentional.

--Mrs. Ritzman

Adam Jarrod Goss
Milly Karis Ritzman
Benjamin Dexter Ehrenzeller
Caleb Jimmy Page
Daniel Brandon Benner
Ephraim Kyle Goss
Frank Tanner Truitt
Gideon Jayme Martin
Dorcas Kelsey Maneval
Ruth Anna Seaman
Liza Becky Ferry
Martha Caitlin Hall
Sarah Kellsey Hartmann
Alice Brynne Guyer
Nathan Brody Feltman
Luke Bay Dressler
Matt Jason Beck
Joel Dereck Ciecierski
Zeke Donovan Megill
Jeb Melvin Smith
Mr. Hoallum Adam Pillot
Mrs. Hoallum Brooke Maneval
Mr. Sander Joey Meintel
Mrs. Sander Bree Burd
Dorcas' little sister Jenna Seaman
Preacher John Durst
Lumbermen Brody Feltman, Bay Dressler, Donovan Megill, Melvin Smith, Dereck Ciecierski, Thomas Brotzman
Townspeople In addition to all mentioned above (except the brothers and Milly): Chanda Ross, Ashlyn Guyer, Zetta Zettlemoyer, Chelsea Davis, Rachel Dressler, Sarah Ernest, Katie Henry, Torrey Brubaker, Meghan Fowler, Kaitlyn Swartwood, Alyssa Schlegel, Gwennina Zettlemoyer, Bethany Fortenbaugh, Katrina Gelnett, Thomas Brotzman

Student Director: Dereck Ciecierski
Props Manager: Chelsea Davis
Lights: Ethan Fowler
Stage Crew: TBA