Cast of
"Wizard of Oz"

It is always our desire to give everyone a chance to do their best on stage. There are never enough parts for everyone and it is part of my job to accept the responsibility of hurting some of our actors' feelings. I am so sorry that I cannot give everyone the parts they may want. You are all appreciated irregardless of cast assignments.

When casting such a large group, there are times I may inadvertantly overlook someone. If your name does not appear on the cast roster, please see me immediately so that you are assigned. Please understand such omissions are never intentional.

--Mrs. Ritzman

Dorothy Gale Sarah Brotzman
Auntie Em/Glinda the Good Witch Emily Davis
Uncle Henry/Emerald City Guard Rick McAlister
Zeke/Cowardly Lion Drew Ciecierski
Hickory/Tin Man Melvin Shoemaker
Hunk/Scarecrow Quentin Reinford
Miss Almira Gultch/Wicked Witch of the West Kaylin Martin
Professor Chester Marvel/Wizard of Oz Jesse Spangler
Toto Lillee
Mayor of Munchkin City Kellsey Hartmann
Coronor Caitlin Hall
Barrister Marisa Dunn
City Fathers Shane Peck, Chris Kramer, Ronnie Wakefield
Lullaby League Callie Shambaugh, Valerie Leonard, Anna Seaman
Lollipop Guild Dexter Ehrenzeller, Jayme Martin, Calob Fisher
Munchkins Shane Peck, Calob Fisher, Dexter Ehrenzeller, Ashley Kelly, Caitlin Hall, Kellsey Hartmann, Jayme Martin, Meghan Fowler, Brooke Maneval, Molly Scholl, Marisa Dunn, Mackenzie Geedey, Ronnie Wakefield, Tyler Koehler, Elizabeth Bair, Chris Kramer, Callie Shambaugh, Valerie Leonard, Anna Seaman, Megan Graybill
Crows Callie Shambaugh, Valerie Leonard, Anna Seaman
Trees Ralph Strunk, Andrew Welch, Jeff Germak
Poppikins To be announced
Girls ensemble for 'Optimistic Voices' and other theatrical voice sections: Krista Hoy, Richele Wileman, Clarissa Ehrenzeller, Andrea Jones
Ozians Beauticians: Karis Ritzman, Kelsey Maneval, Ashley Hassinger
Polishers: Dexter Ehrenzeller, Isaac Hassinger, Jeff Germak
Manicurists: Sierra Hosler, Andrea Jones, Kelsey Martin
Other Ozians: Krista Hoy, Richele Wileman, Clarissa Ehrenzeller, Andrew Welch, Ralph Strunk, Talena Truitt, Sam Dressler, Maria Maneval, Barrett Goss,
Winkie General Steve Long
Winkies To be announced
Nikko Derrek Forry
Flying Monkeys Calob Fisher, Marisa Dunn, Meghan Fowler, Brooke Maneval, Kelsey Maneval, Shane Peck, Mackenzie Geedey, Karis Ritzman, Molly Scholl, Chris Kramer, Ronnie Wakefield-- Please see Mrs. Ritzman if you want to be a monkey!
Jitterbugs Sam Dressler, Talena Truitt, Andrea Jones, Sierra Hosler, Richele Wileman, Krista Hoy, Kelsey Martin
Members of the Chorus Everyone!

Student Director: Kendra Clegg
Props Manager:
Lights: Alicia Lauver, Amanda Carvell

Stage Crew: Dakota Linn, Ashleigh Knight, David Lenig, Emily Kauffman, Bethann Dressler

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