TAG!'s TheatreFest Workshop Descriptions

Dance – Basic Techniques For Musical Theatre

This workshop will begin with a warm up and move on to cover basic footwork from grapevine, jazz square, basic turns, tombe, arm positions, positions of the feet, basic jumps, and floor work. Bring sneakers or dance shoes, please! For your safety, no bare feet or flip flops!
Dance: The Jitterbug!

After warming up, learn how to dance the Jitterbug, in preparation for our spring '17 musical, "The Wizard of Oz!" Remember! Bring sneakers or dance shoes, no bare feet or flipflops!

Building A Character

Who is your character? What is your character's background? What does your character want? This class will help you to develop a real and well-rounded character that you can breathe life into for your audience!
Creating the LOOK: Costuming From Head To Toe

This class will be full of fun and experimentation with clothing, shoes, wigs and accessories.  You will discover how costumes can enhance your character, the setting, the culture, the history, and the mood of any performance.  You'll learn how to take everyday pieces and morph them into something spectacular.  In theater, you're never too old to play dress up.
ACCENTuate Your Voice

Have you ever watched a film with people speaking with an accent, only to fail when you tried to repeat it? In this class you will learn how to craft the perfect accent, such as Spanish, German, Brooklyn, Southern, British, etc. Learn how actors such as Australian Hugh Jackman and British Christian Bale make themselves sound like they're from America, as well as how American Leonardo Dicaprio learned to speak in an African accent. Accept the challenge, thespians! You will not be disappointed!

Stage Makeup: Wounds and Bruises

Have fun with hands-on experience as you learn how to make wounds and bruises look real.

Lights, Sound, ACTION!

Not everyone wants to be center stage. Just as important as the actor are those that work tirelessly behind the scenes keeping things moving along! Have fun playing with sound and light equipment, and learn how to create a scene!
Stage Makeup: What Every Actor Needs To Know

Learn how to apply your own stage makeup with tips on contouring and highlighting. This is a skill every actor should know.

Masks/Mask Making

Students will learn about the history and purpose behind the mask. Themes and imaginative role play will be explored to allow the mask to “transform” the character. Students will be divided into groups to create monkey masks to be featured in the upcoming musical “Wizard of Oz” using plaster gauze strips and acrylic paints.
Stage Makeup: Release Your Inner Monster!

Dip into the grisly side of stage makeup and learn how to ghoulishly transform your features into something that could appear in a horror film!
Stage Makeup: How To Age Your Character

Learning to age yourself is a skill utilized over and over again in theatre. Through the use of stage makeup, highlights and contouring, you will age yourself and then go under the stage lights to see how you will appear to the audience. Costume pieces will be available to those who wish to complete the makeover!
Writing a Play

Have the inspiration to write a play, but haven't started yet? Not sure how to start? Then this class is for you! Grab a pencil and some paper and join the class to learn some of the basics to writing a play.
How To Be Remembered In An Audition

In this class, students will learn about methods used to have a leg up on competition during auditions.  Building a reputation as an actor so that directors will look for you will also be explored.  Students will then take what they have learned and perform a mock audition for the class, and advice will be given on how to improve.
Vocal Technique: Singing Onstage

Students will talk about and participate in vocal warm-ups and breathing exercises.  We will sing some simple melodies together and discuss how a singer can approach the topics of diction, projection and singing technique.
How To Vocally Survive A Musical

Students will discuss the basics covered in “Singing Onstage” but will move into discussion of how to prepare and navigate a musical season. Subtopics will include vocal health, vocal production, and singing technique.
Vocal Technique: Master Class

Students interested in this topic need to bring a selection of music along and be willing to sing for the group.  We will work to help refine and support the performance.  Topics to be covered will be wherever the examples lead us including vocal and stage techniques.

Stage Combat

Who controls the action? How do they DO that without getting hurt? Basic combat techniques will be demonstrated and taught!

Theatre Games

Theatre games, commonly used as warm-up exercises for actors before a rehearsal or performance, are fast paced and frantic! This workshop is guaranteed to get you moving!