TAG!'s TheatreFest Workshop Descriptions

Dance Styles of the late 50's and early 60's

In preparation for our upcoming musicals, have fun dancing with ALice and learning the Pony, the Twist, the Jerk, the Hali Gali, the Watusi and the Swim! Must wear dance shoes or sneakers. No flip flops as they are dangerous!
Vocal Technique in Musical Theatre:

This class will focus on proper vocal production. Proper vocal technique, including breath support, diction and enunciation, will be taught, demonstrated and experienced. Come prepared to sing and have fun!

Stage Combat -- The Basics

Who controls the action? How do they DO that without getting hurt? Basic combat techniques will be demonstrated and taught!
Theatre Games/Improv:

Theatre games and Improv exercises, commonly used as warm-up exercises for actors before a rehearsal or performance, are fast paced and frantic! This workshop is guaranteed to get you moving!
Stage Makeup: The Basics

Learn how to apply your own stage makeup. Shading and highlighting techniques will be demonstrated with hands on practice. This is a skill every actor should know!

Stage Makeup: Release your inner ZOMBIE!

Learn how to make yourself over in a horrific way, and get in touch with your inner zombie! Different methods and the creation of your character will be covered in this class that is designed to let you loose monstrously in a fantastic way! ***Please bring a change of clothing -- something that you aren't afraid to get stage blood on!***
Working With Sound

This class will focus on the skills and knowledge needed to control the audio environment of a TAG! performance here at East Juniata. The knowledge acquired extends beyond these walls and are applicable to any sound system or studio. Topics include: Signal flow, gain staging, sound processing and EQ’ing, sound control, audio effects and equipment design and implementation.

How To Write A Play

Learn how to confidently start putting words to the page. Then face the challenge of how a written piece translates to the stage, how to structure scenes, how to write “real” dialogue, and more. This class will cover the basics of page-to-stage translation, including storytelling techniques, writing styles, workshopping, and how to speak to a director through the text. Students will pair off in groups or fly solo in order to write a short 1-2 page scene that will be presented near the end of class so we can offer notes or suggestions afterward.
Enhance your Performance

Attention! Attention! Ever wonder why your eye is drawn to certain things on stage? Ever heard the term 'upstaging'? Ever thought about how to make a great entrance, hold the crowd in the palm of your hand, or land a comedic line with just the right timing? Then this is the class for you! Learn how to enhance your performance through timing, stage presence, and purpose while sharing the spotlight with your fellow actors.
Hair styles of the 1950s/60s!

Come join our 1950's/60's vintage hairstyling class! Come all keyed up to do some nifty 'do's! These hairstyles are so now! It'll be a gas!
Acting Honestly

"Acting begins when acting ends." In this class, students will engage in discussion, games, and activities to explore the benefits of theatre in real life. Students can expect to work on stage-presence (their physical presence and body language while on stage), observation (noticing the body language and presence of others), and reaction (how to respond appropriately to observations).