O n March 15, 2004, East Juniata High School's first Theatre Troupe, TAG (Tiger Actors Guild), was born. Comprised of students who participated in our Autumn Jr. Class play and our Spring Musical, this group was created in the hopes of expanding our students' cultural opportunities through use of the drama medium.

A few students have asked me what exactly *is* TAG, and how does one join? This page will inform you more about us, and help to clarify just what we do, and give you a chance to join if you so desire.

What exactly *is* TAG?

First of all, TAG! stands for Tiger Actors Guild. At that time, rumors were milling around about our school board considering cutting arts and music from our grade school curriculum. It was decided that perhaps our community needed a bit of education about the arts, in particular drama, and thusly the idea of a theatre troupe was borne. Whether or not there was any truth to the rumors will probably never be known, but I am glad that it was the catalyst to starting a new group in which there has been so much enjoyment, opportunity and promise!

TAG!'s mission continues to be the education of our students in regards to theatre, building a love and appreciation for all things on the stage. Our students gain important skills that can be used in every aspect of life. After all, every time you are in front of a crowd, whether it is a pep talk at work, a presentation of sorts, or a speech at school, having learned a 'stage presence' is important and a skill you will use for the rest of your life.


Finishing off a successful theatre season, having performed "Touched By An Angle" last fall, and "South Pacific" this spring, TAG! now looks forward to our second annual Musical Theatre Workshop on July 27, 2011! Plans are also already being made for our Jr. Class play in November 2011, as well as the upcoming musical in March 2012. The past few years have garnered excellent productions and we hope to be able to continue to raise the bar for our students as they strive for theatrical and musical excellence.


First of all, membership is open to any and all students that have participated in a production put on here at East Juniata.

In addition, if you have heard about our troupe but have not participated in a play and still wish to join, you may. Contact one of our troupe members and see about getting a sponsor, and you will be welcome! You can also talk to me (Mrs. Ritzman) and I can set you up with a few students that might be able to find you a sponsor. Most questions can also be handled by our 2011-2012 student leaders, Jarrod Goss, Jayme Martin and Karis Ritzman.

One other thing -- being a part of this activity is considered a privilege. It is based upon the same restrictions that belong to any other activity (sports or otherwise), which include maintaining a passing grade in your classes, and submitting your name for the school's random drug testing policy.

Also -- should it be found that your behavior is disruptive, you can be dismissed from the team. We don't foresee this being an issue, but you might as well know about this from the get go!

Interested in joining? Well, what are you waiting for! Contact a troupe member today!