Cast of
"Li'l Abner"
To be performed on March 15th and 16th, 2013

It is always our desire to give everyone a chance to do their best on stage. There are never enough parts for everyone and it is part of my job to accept the responsibility of hurting some of our actors' feelings. I am so sorry that I cannot give everyone the parts they may want. You are all appreciated irregardless of cast assignments.

When casting such a large group, there are times I may inadvertantly overlook someone. If your name does not appear on the cast roster, please see me immediately so that you are assigned. Please understand such omissions are never intentional.

--Mrs. Ritzman

Li'l Abner Dexter Ehrenzeller
Daisy Mae Becky Ferry
Pappy Yokum Melvin Smith
Mammy Yokum Brynne Guyer
Marryin' Sam Kyle Goss
Earthquake McGoon Jimmy Page
Mayor Dianne Dawgmeat Meghan Fowler
Senator Jack S. Phogbound Aaron Henry
Dr. SmithBorn Anna Seaman
Dr. Krogmeyer Arden Benner
Dr. Schliefitz Ashlyn Guyer
State Dept/Gov't Man Ethan Fowler
Strong Man Alex Benner
General BullMoose Brandon Benner
President Dakota Carvell
Available Jones Bay Dressler
Appassionata Von Passion Brooke Maneval
Evil Eye Fleagle Johnny Durst
Carmen Meghan Fowler
Pat Katie Henry
Lilly Torrey Brubaker
Bonnie Arden Benner
1 Meghan Fowler
2 Arden Benner
3 Ashlyn Guyer
4 Anna Seaman
Named DogPatchers
Clem Johnny Durst
Hank Adam Pillot
Zeke Dakota Carvell
Cy Brandon Benner
Romeo Scragg Johnny Durst
Clem Scragg Bay Dressler
Alf Scragg Noel Smith
Lonesome Polecat Ethan Fowler
Hairless Joe Dakota Carvell
MoonBeam McSwine Anna Seaman
Speedy McRabbit Aaron Henry
In addition to all named DogPatchers (see Mrs. Ritzman if you are not sure you are one or not, the following -- please come up with a name for you for the program!

Emilie Gerig, Madeline Davis, Jenna Seaman, Courtney Keatts, Zetta Zettlemoyer, Autumn Frantz, Sarah Ernest, Chanda Ross, Morgan Seeger, September Risban, Tori Ricedorf, Isaac Fausey

Student Director: Brandon Benner
BackStage Manager: Alex Benner
Lights: Nathan Ernest
Stage Crew: TBA