Becoming A Patron

Our patrons have become an intregal part of our productions. With help from our patrons, TAG! and EJHS have been able to make improvements on our curtains and our sound system. Because of the generosity of our patrons, TAG! has also been able to perform plays that were very costume - intensive and able to be afforded. Thank you!

So how does one become a patron?

Each spring, TAG! contacts local businesses to give them a chance to donate monies to an established project. In return, their businesses are listed in our plays produced for the next summer, fall and spring, with our gratitude. Two free season tickets are given to our patrons, in the hopes that they might come and see the fruit of their donation. It is wonderful to see our Community behind our endeavors!

Interested? You can peruse specific information here. You can also drop me a line or give me a call at 717-463-3913!

Thanks for your interest in drama within our community.

~Mrs. Ritzman