TAG! Presents:

PHANTOM of the Campfire

We know about that mysterious phantom lurking in the opera house, but now there seems to be one at Camp Geronimo!

One of the campers, Abigail, reads mystery novels passionately, but even she has gotten more than she bargained for when the camp's weird handyman, Angus McGangus, suddenly disappears. Abigail and her friends Mattie and Gillian are convinced they saw the phantom nab him, but others aren't so believing, including the strange and stern Grim sisters who run the camp. One of the boys, the computer whiz Monroe who treats his laptop like a precious child, discovers the handyman is using a false name. But why? Adding to the mystery, Buttercup Newton appears, begging for a place to hide from "Big Louie." Nick, another of the "Burly Brave" campers, asks Abigail to meet him later, then he too disappears!

Has the phantom found himself another victim? With more twists than a game of Twister, the campers finally uncover the secret of the phantom or should we say phantoms?! If you're looking for a light hearted mystery that doesn't take itself too seriously, then come seek out the Phantom of the Campfire!


November 14th and 15th at 7:00 PM! Tickets are on sale now! ($3.00)

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