Casting Roster for 'Down in the Pitz'
      Small Parts:
      Sergeant Maguire, Officers Martin, Davis and Todd
      April Weathers, Meriwether Weathers, Haley Weathers
      Father O'Malley
      Megan, Lauren

      Medium to Large Parts:
      Wendy Weathers, Stormy Weathers, Gail Weathers, Misty Weathers
      Abbey Lane
      David Hu, Jaques Watt, Maria Rodriguez
      Emma Rhodes
      Sisters Mary Patrick, Josephine and Alma
      Major Richard B. Middleton and Nora

      Largest Parts:
      Phyllis Crabapple, Myrtle Crabapple, Kevin Crabapple

Phyllis Crabapple Andrea Jones
Myrtle Crabapple Brittany Fortenbaugh
Wendy Weathers Daris Shelley
Stormy Weathers Kellsey Hartmann
Gail Weathers Kelsey Maneval
Misty Weathers Karis Ritzman
April Weathers Bethany Fortenbaugh
Meriwether Weathers Hannah Erickson
Haley Weathers Rebecca Ferry
Abbey Lane Steph Gerig
David Hu Isaac Hassinger
Jaques Watt Jarrod Goss
Maria Rodgriguez Ashley Hassinger
Emma Rhodes Carly Ehrisman
Sister Mary Patric Whitney Graybill
Sister Josephine Megan Heintzelman
Sister Alma Kendra Clegg
Kevin Crabapple Jeffrey Germak
Major Richard B. Middleton Tyler Erhard
Nora Middleton Sierra Hosler
Father O'Malley Mike Carlino
Megan Anna Seaman
Lauren Fantasia Eichelberger
Sergeant Maguire Michaela Feltman
Officer Martin Courtney Yeater
Officer Davis Katrina Gelnett
Officer Todd Megan Yeater
Crew: Courtney Beitz, Andrew Welch, Bay Dressler, Megan Fowler, Hanna Alderfer, Lydia Strawser, Sarah Ernest, Alyssa Schlegel, Kaitlyn Swartwood

Please note! Crew will be required to attend practices starting mid October. You can come before then if you'd like as we can always have you fill in for parts for people who are absent. See Mr. or Mrs. Ritzman with any questions and listen to announcements!

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