TAG!'s Annual Theatre Festival Workshop!

Welcome to our registration page for TAG!'s annual Theatre Workshop Festival, which is set to take place on July 28, 2017, starting at 9:40 AM. Go HERE for a description of workshops offered. Please enter your information below to register for this event!

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Please enter by number your first six choices of workshops listed below. Leave blank those workshops you do not have interest in. Please understand that we will make every attempt to slot you for the events as you request, but due to space and class size, other classes may be substituted.

    Dance -- Basic Techniques For Stage

    Hair Styles of the 1940's

    Stage Combat

    Theatre Games

    Stage Makeup -- Wounds and Bruises

    Stage Makeup -- Learn how to apply your own Personal Stage Makeup

    How To Write A Play

    Basic Stage Design: Set Building Techniques

    Enhance Your Performance

    Vocal Technique

    Working With The Sound System

    PLEASE NOTE!!! WE HAVE BEEN HAVING WEB ISSUES!! If the form will not register you, please email the director (pritzman@jcsdk12.org) your choices and we will be sure to get you added to the festival!

    Please verify that you will be attending the Musical Theatre Workshop on July 28th, 2017: