Accompanease Info | Upcoming Schedule

Attention Cast and Crew of South Pacific! Stay tuned to this site for important announcements related to our musical. For those of you that are forgetful, please note that our musical will be performed on March 18th and 19th, 2011.

There are a lot of chorus and dancing parts for this musical. If you audition, you WILL get a part. There are only two large female parts, and about 4-5 large male parts. Having a lead last year does not guarantee you will have a lead this year. Every musical brings unique needs and we search our auditions for those that best fit the part. Please bear in mind that although we'd like to give everyone huge parts, this is impossible. As always, we look carefully at what activities our potential cast is involved in, and attendance as well. Auditions are extremely competitive so make sure you bring your game faces with you!

What to expect at auditions:

One of the greatest fears of all those auditioning is 'do I have to sing in front of people?' The short answer is, well.. yes. This is after all a musical. However, not being able to sing doesn't mean you won't get a part. You just won't get a big SINGING part. Singing and dancing in a group isn't nearly as stressful, is it?

Here's what happens at an audition.

  • You will audition in front of a few people – Mr. and Mrs. Ritzman, Tricia Seaman (our vocal coach) and your student director(s), as well as those in your group. Everyone else will be banished to the hall to await their turn.
  • You will audition in a group of 2-4 people. Your group is given a piece of the script and assigned a part to read. PLEASE REMEMBER!!! You are not auditioning for this part, you are reading it to show us the grasp you have with inflection and emotion in your voice as well as to show us how well you project.
  • You will be given a few minutes to peruse the part you are assigned then will be asked to read your part with your group.
  • You will then be given a vocal range check. Basically, Mrs. Seaman will play the piano to determine where your range falls. It isn't too bad, I promise. It is necessary though, as if you sing bass and we assign you a tenor part then we look rather stupid, which is something we try to avoid.
  • After your vocal range check, your group will be asked to sing a song. In addition, if you wish to audition for one of the leads, you may be asked to sing a selection from the musical. See Mrs. Ritzman prior to auditions to request music to practice from! That is all there is to it!


As always, TAG! has some wonderful rehearsal tools at our disposal. This year is no exception.

  • Accompanease : Last year for the first time we were able to use a wonderful program called “Accompanease”. We have it again for South Pacific.

    Accompanease is the entire piano score of South Pacific in digital format. It even has vocal parts broken down by character name. This tool is something that is free to use for anyone involved in the play. We have purchased the rights until March 19th. Go HERE for information on how to download this to your computer. Download it today! Come to practice prepared and ready to go.

  • Miss Alice is returning again this year to help with choreography. We will be scheduling specific choreography practices for different songs. These practices are extremely important and are mandatory! The best way to prepare for these sessions is to know your song and words before you come to practice. Use Accompanease to prepare and show up for vocal practices!

  • Tricia Seaman is returning as well this year to work with individual students and their vocals. Again, practicing ahead of time with Accompanease will make her job a bit easier so please do!