East Juniata's TAG! is pleased to announce our summer play,

July 29th and 30th in EJ's Auditorium.

A note from Mrs. Ritzman regarding cast chosen:

"The summer play is designed to reward the hard work our students do during the school year. When assigning parts, special attention is paid to the time a student has. Because the summer play is produced and performed in 7 weeks, if you are missing the last two weeks because of vacation, this will affect the size of the part you receive.

This play has huge lighting, sound and makeup needs. In addition, we must do all our set work painting and design on our own, without the help of trades/shop/art classes. As a result, the crew, always integral, becomes even more so during our summer session. You can expect practices scheduled for crew only, where we will work on lighting techniques, makeup application and much more. 'SALT' is about to take on a whole new meaning this summer!"

Cast and Crew:

Student Name
# of Lines
Karis Ritzman Maxine Jackson 209
Jarrod Goss Mike 157
Melvin Smith Cal 30
Brittany Fortenbaugh Luella Dudley 69
Kyle Goss Randall Broderick 90
Dexter Ehrenzeller Frank Burgess
Formerly Penelope
Carly Ehrisman Hermione Logan 72
Jimmy Page Casper Van Helsing
Formerly Willow
Anna Seaman Daphne Jones 88
Brandon Benner Benjamin 20
Adam Pillot Private 10
Bay Dressler Sarge 10
Katie Henry Woman in White 8
Dereck Ciecierski Derek 12
Amber Varner Glenda 8
Zeta Zettlemoyer Scarecrow n/a
Chris Megill, Megan Heintzelman, Chelsea Dressler, Arden Benner, Sarah Ernest, Kendra Clegg, Courtney Beitz, Chanda Ross, Lydia Strawser Ghosts and Crew

Drew Ciecierski

Karis Ritzman Student Director
Senior Project
Penny Ritzman Organizer, Supervisor, Ever Present, Omnipo ...er...